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KonMari With Me: Clothing

If you’ve been following along the last two weeks, you may recall that I made a plan to KonMari my whole house.


But if you’re new and want to backtrack now, you can find the two posts I’ve written in the KonMari series here and here.

In the coming months, I’ll be tackling my belongings category by category, so if you don’t want to miss my progress, be sure to follow me here on the blog.

And if you want to join me by decluttering your own home, I’d LOVE to see your progress. Tag me in your photos @seesierrasave to be featured in my Instagram stories!

Now back to it.

The KonMari process has begun.


Per the recommended sequence, I tackled my clothing first. And, like a total newb, I forgot to take a before picture. #facepalm

But, I did take SO MANY after photos!

And I’m so happy with the results.

Because I think people may be more interested in seeing results than reading about them, I’ll go heavier on the photos than I typically do.


The recommended folding technique allows you to see everything you have at once.
Like so…
I hung like items together (i.e. dress pants, colored pants, jeans, etc.).
Smaller items in smaller spaces (i.e. hats, clutches).
I personally like hanging scarves by shower curtain rings. Just be sure they’re locked closed so they don’t snag the material!
Winter coats.
Spring and fall jackets.
Pajamas (not all pictured).
Easy vertical storage.
Like tops together (i.e. vests, sweaters, cardigans, button-downs, dressy tops, tanks, etc.).
Bracelets and necklaces visible.
Earrings paired and easily accessible.
Frequently worn shoes by the front door.
Out of season items folded and stored in a plastic bin.
Everything accessible and within reach.
The consignments.
The donations.

And that’s it!

The consignments have been consigned and the donations donated.

My husband was inspired to declutter his own closet too, so some of the items in the pictured bags are his.

I have not tackled my daughter’s closet yet, but that’s next.

I’ve been enjoying my new closet for about a week now, and it pretty much looks exactly the same as when I first finished (minus a few dirty clothes).

And I have high hopes for it to remain that way! 🙂

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