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Tuesday Tip: How to Fold Your Clothes KonMari Style

One of the distinguishing features of the KonMari Method is its unique folding style.

Not only are clothes folded neatly and uniformly, but they are folded in such a way that allows them to stand upright independently.


The purpose of this technique is to allow the owner to view all of his or her clothes at once and to access each item without disturbing those around it.

It is designed to be a more sustainable way of storing our frequently used items so that our systems consistently work for us, rather than against us.


Today, I thought I’d share with you the basic steps for folding KonMari style.

And for the sake of simplicity, I’ve chosen a basic white tee to illustrate this method.

But, as Marie Kondo herself argues, this folding style can be applied to all manner of clothing, including but not limited to: socks, underwear, lingerie, shirts, and pants.

Now, I don’t fold my socks or underwear, because…well, I guess it seems rather futile.

But, regardless of which item you fold, the basic steps remain the same.

1. Lay the item flat, and smooth out any creases or wrinkles.
2. Fold the item lengthwise (hot dog style) in thirds.
3. Pinch the bottom corners of the item and fold it a third of the way up.
4. Repeat step 3 with the new bottom corners, so that the item is now folded in thirds (hamburger style).
5. Fold the item one last time, but in half rather than in thirds.
6. Stand the item up, seam side down.
7. Admire the beauty.

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And feel free to share your own KonMari efforts with me on Instagram (@seesierrasave)!

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