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KonMari With Me: Clothing

If you’ve been following along the last two weeks, you may recall that I made a plan to KonMari my whole house. But if you're new and want to backtrack now, you can find the two posts I’ve written in the KonMari series here and here. In the coming months, I’ll be tackling my belongings… Continue reading KonMari With Me: Clothing

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The KonMari Framework: 6 Basic Rules of Tidying

Before I delve into my own KonMari journey, I thought it would be helpful to talk a bit about the KonMari framework (you know, for the newbies 😉 ). Plus, knowing the ropes may be helpful if you plan to tackle your clutter right along with me, which I strongly encourage you to do. Bonus… Continue reading The KonMari Framework: 6 Basic Rules of Tidying

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Summary Saturday…ahem, Sunday: Peaks and Valleys

Happy Sunday! I know, I know...these posts usually go up on Saturdays (hence the title), but our weekend has been jam-packed with fun family activities and I simply haven’t had time to sit down and finish this post. What can I say? I am trying to prioritize family time, after all. 😉 I choose to… Continue reading Summary Saturday…ahem, Sunday: Peaks and Valleys

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Frugal Food Friday: How to Make Your Own Vegetable Broth

Soups are some of the easiest, most budget friendly meals we can include in our recipe rotation every week. Plus, they’re filling, often nutritious, and strangely magical in that they have this amazing capability of warming us from the inside out on cold winter days. And when you’re sick, as I have been for what… Continue reading Frugal Food Friday: How to Make Your Own Vegetable Broth

Beginner Budgeting

Beginner Budgeting: Be Flexible

Hello there, beginning budgeters! I hope by this time, you’ve had a chance to read parts one, two, three, and four in the beginner budgeting series. If not, what are you waiting for??? The first three posts especially are full of practical tips for creating and implementing your first budget, while the final two tips… Continue reading Beginner Budgeting: Be Flexible

Beginner Budgeting

Beginner Budgeting: Start Right Now

Welcome back to my Beginner Budgeting mini-series! I’m excited to share today’s topic with you. If you’re new, start here, then go here, here, and here. If you’re returning, here’s a reminder of where we are in the series: Know how much money you make. Track your expenses. Assign every penny a destination. Start. Right.… Continue reading Beginner Budgeting: Start Right Now