New Year's Resolutions

It’s 2020! Cutting down on idle screen time…


Happy New Year!

This past year flew by for us. Below are a few of my favorite moments from 2019. It’s no coincidence that they mostly all took place during warm, sunny weather!


Did you make a New Year’s resolution?

I did.

I am going to try to cut my idle screen time/social media use to 30 minutes a day.


I won’t count screen time or social media pursuits that serve a direct and immediate purpose (e.g. looking up a particular recipe on Pinterest or opening my Facebook app to view the start time of an event I plan on attending), but the endless streaming and mindless scrolling has got to go.

And that’s the only resolution I’m directly focusing on right now! Because last year, I made a list a mile long and I fell off the wagon on most of them by March.


Besides, I think cutting idle social media consumption will indirectly affect other areas of my life for the better. What will I do with all that time I used to waste binge watching SNL clips on YouTube??

Well, I might just have a conversation with my husband.


Or fold that pile mountain of laundry over there.

Or summon the energy to wash my face before bed.


Only time will tell what kind of glorious rewards await me on the other side of my phone screen…


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