Frugal Food Fridays

I’m back!

Oh hey, remember me?


It’s been crickets over here for about two weeks.

I’ve been swamped with reports at work and I simply haven’t had the motivation to write even more at home.

Ever notice how, when you feel like you need to make time for something, the more time that passes the harder it is to just begin? Well, that’s been my issue lately.


Instead of allowing myself to simply sit and write for 15 or 20 minutes, my brain pulls the reins and cautions, “Whoa! That post will take you at least an hour to write. Plus then there are the photos and the editing. You’d better not even try.”

I’ve always fallen victim to this type of extreme thinking. Is it habit or just my personality? I’m not sure, but I’m working on it… 😉


Nonetheless, ideas for posts have been swimming around in my head and I’m finally feeling the urge to write.

So, what does one write about when motivation finally strikes? Lentils, of course. Sorry if you were expecting something more glamorous. You can’t always choose what lights your fire.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with another Frugal Food Friday (FFF) post: Love for the Lentil.


Lentils stir all kinds of emotions in me, for a number of reasons. Find out why tomorrow!

If you missed my last FFF post, go check it out here: Ode to the Oat.


And if you’re looking for even more riveting reads on how to save money on food, here are some of my past FFF posts:

Happy reading!


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