Early Morning Confessions of a Tired Mama

Photo by Luka Siemionov on Pexels.com

As I sit down to write my Frugal Food Friday post at 4:00 this morning, I am feeling very uninspired.

Why the heck are you up at 4 AM, you ask?

I’m a total early bird. I’ve always worked best first thing in the morning, and this is the time I’ve carved out for myself to write. I literally wrote it into a paper schedule that I created for myself so that I’d honor it (did I mention I love schedules?). The rest of the day is consumed by work, exercise, chores, errands, and family stuff. By the time my daughter goes to bed for the night, I am 99% depleted and can barely form a coherent thought. Not the best time to write something that people might actually read.

beverage break breakfast caffeine
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So, I rise before the sun, arm myself with several gallons cups of coffee, and allow my thoughts to pour out of my fingertips into a Google Doc.

Only this morning, the words aren’t coming very easily. I’m exhausted. This will be my first day back to work after a very fun, very busy holiday break. I even took an extra day off to get over a head cold.


Not to mention, my three year old daughter has taken to crawling into bed with us most nights. At any given time, I may open my eyes and find her staring back at me, smiling, her nose an inch away from mine, her hand stroking my cheek. Yes, it’s very sweet. But it’s also 1 AM.


If I’m lucky, she’ll just crawl in and go straight back to sleep, but that was not the case last night/this morning. Once, I woke to her tucking her favorite bear into the crook of my arm so I’d have something to snuggle with. Another time, she crawled up onto my pillow and wrapped her tiny body around the top of my head like a very large, very adorable sun hat. My personal favorite was when she burst out singing “Love is an Open Door” (Frozen anyone??) at full conversational volume. There are simply no words.


Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. All I can do is start where I am with what I’ve got.

Plus, my word for 2019 is “action”. Although I had every reason to hit snooze button this morning, I promised myself that I would just do something. Anything.


With that promise in mind, all I’ve been able to muster this morning is somewhat of a stream of consciousness, peppered with some pictures of that adorable three year old I mentioned. No tips, no tricks, no money saving hacks. Just a little dose of mommy honesty.


I’m also accepting suggestions for how to handle those middle-of-the-night vocal performances and sun hat fittings. Please tell me I’m not the only one!


Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Early Morning Confessions of a Tired Mama”

  1. My problem lately hasn’t been her waking up in the middle of the night, it’s been getting her to just go to bed to begin with. But we have child locks on the doors still and baby gates where necessary. Is it as simple as just unteaching her that it’s ok to crawl into bed with you, and teaching her how to stay in bed on her own? Easier said than done for sure.


    1. I don’t know! 😂 We’ve tried it in the past with some success but have ended up back where we started. I imagine it’s a matter of consistency, like everything else. The biggest problem for me is summoning the energy to send her back to bed the three or four times it takes before she actually stays there. Not so easy when all I want to do is sleep!


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